Our team for your special cargo

Velebit-Promet is a Croatian company with extensive experience and references in transporting and handling Heavy & Special cargo on the European continent. Established in 1992, Velebit has been working as part of the Liburnia group since 2021. The company’s foundations are knowledge and teamwork and we believe our methods and mind-set can satisfy even the most challenging demands. 

Our fleet consists of trucks up to 680HP and over sixty semitrailers with different technical characteristics and capacities. With our 26-axle line modular trailer, we are able to transport loads up to 200 tons’ unit weight.

We continuously invest in our fleet and personnel and we aim to set new industry standards. Together with the Liburnia group, Velebit is an environmentally friendly company, mainly through the mutual environmental initiative Backtoblu.


Our drivers are well experienced with a long-lasting career in Velebit.

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