Exceptional transport

Working in logistics presents an everyday challenge for all involved parties. Costs get higher and entire industry changes on a constant basis. But, when you are in the extraordinary transport business, that challenges become even more significant because cargoes need extra attention and care. That’s the main reason most logistics companies practice conventional transport rather than face all hurdles brought by transporting extraordinary and oversized haul.

Special and oversized haul is every haul which can’t be disassembled and exceeds the prescribed dimensions, axle loads or the mass limits set by the country where transport takes place. Also, if the vehicle surpasses the aforementioned boundaries or its movement requires route adjustment and traffic sign relocation, it is obligatory to see that as an extraordinary transport. Such cargo requires transport with specialized vehicles like low-bed trailers, truck-mounted cranes, modular trailers, etc. Besides special vehicles, exceptional cargo sometimes demands police escort and pilot vehicles with signalization from time to time. Certain European countries only allow transports with procured permits during night, yet that mostly depends on the width of the load.

What does extraordinary transport really encompass?! Order analysis, vehicle search, route planning, approval and transport organization are all parts of special conveyance and there should be given serious thoughts into planning each equally important segment. However, those who decide to take up this branch of business should be aware of all the obstacles which could interfere with task fullfilment.

If you want to conduct a successful exceptional transport, the first thing you got to do is thorough analysis. It comprises of integration of inventory, transportation, facility location, packaging and undisturbed informational flow. After analyzing and controlling your vehicles, you should focus on route planning to maximize returns for the job. Following initial steps, you can organize your transports after getting approval from the responsible sides.

Some basic physics knowledge is also desirable in our business, since this type of cargo needs to be secured without a chance of shifting. Most trucking accidents are caused by improper loading and shifting during transport which could present a hazard to roadway structures as well as to road traffic. Shifting can also cause the entire haul to fall off from the trailer, which is why shifting throughout the entire journey is prohibited by law.

Planning a cost efficient and safe route still remain vital for staying solvent in these hard times. But, in the end, it all falls down to how we position our cargo on the trailer and how our drivers maneuver the trucks. Therefore, be sure to employ the best candidate for the job and give him/her a chance to prove their worth.

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