Velebit – Promet is committed to delivering sustainable value to its employees, the environment and the community.


We ensure quality environment and working resources to all our employees. They are the core value of the company, and investing in their professional development is very important not only to ensure the quality of our services but also to maintain a happy, healthy, positive, and stimulating workplace. The opinion of our employees, especially how they feel about the workplace is very important to us. We are eager for our employees’ suggestions since most of them are highly skilled and very experienced. They are always involved in making decisions related to the acquisition of new equipment and its configuration and in defining various processes that are the basis of performing our work. All employees are covered with an additional health insurance policy which includes a medical exam with the possibility to use many additional medical services of personal choice. The company enables the students to do paid internships. We’re helping them in developing their skills for easier start of professional career.


We strive to minimize the negative impact on the environment by developing our business towards environmental sustainability. We are proud that our employees understand the importance of sustainable development and actively participate in improving our system so that the company achieves even more than set environmental goals. In order to minimize our fingerprint on environment, we have implemented various measures:

  • promotional items are made of sustainable materials (cotton shopping bags, glass bottles)
  •  catalogues, brochures and office supplies are made of recycled paper we use recycled paper for printing, but our goal is to go digital as much as possible
  • refill cartridges for printers
  •  waste management (separation/disposal)
  •  priority to business travels with rail whenever possible
  •  subcontractors’ audits – in order to work with those with the best environmental standards

Moreover, in order to alter consciousness towards environmental issues, Liburnia founded an environmental Initiative BACKTOBLU ( with goal to inform, educate and engage our clients, subcontractors, other organizations and wider audience to action.

Corporate Social Responsibility
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